Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Quick Post for Accountabilty

Today I finished up my goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes, sneaking in just under the wire on the last day of the month!  So happy I've finished my quilt, and I'd love to show it to you, but it is


 As soon as I have some sunshine and quilting holders available, I'll take photos and write up a nice post about it, but for today here's a quick peek for the sake of accountability!

Here's my giant 90 x 90 quilt waiting for binding when I set my goal--

And here it is with all 360 inches of binding hand stitched down.  

Can I just say FINISHED is a GREAT FEELING!!


Friday, January 30, 2015

Fabulous Friday Finish--Cream Puffs Galore!

Another 2014 Finish, this is a little sweetie!
In October 2013 The Penny Patch Quilt Along was held by Rachel of Stitched in Color.  My Daughter had never done a quilt along before, so we did this one together.  We searched my stash, made stacks and stacks of pretty prints and ultimately ended up with these.  My daughter went with brights and low volume, I went with a creamy, vintage-y stack of mostly Fig Tree prints. One of the best things about these quilts was that 95% of it came from stash.  
Daughter's Prints. 

My Prints.

Ready to Sew!!

We had a great time working on our quilts together!  We spent too many hours arranging things on the design walls though, we both tend to be a little to OCD to actually let random be random.  
Daughter's blocks on the design wall.  Planning placement of the largest squares.
My blocks on the design wall, planning the four patch units. 
Before long we had 2 wonderful and very different quilt tops!
This is Daughters. Isn't it bright and fun? 

We finished up the quilt tops in mid-November of 2013, and they were put away while we celebrated the holidays and prepared to move.  During the move the quilt tops were tucked away, and when we unpacked in the new house they were set on a shelf and forgotten.  Last fall, 2014, I was rearranging things in the stash cabinets and rediscovered the quilt tops and a little plan was hatched!  Backing fabric for both quilts was found and pieced together and I packed both up and sent them to the long arm quilter.  My daughter had no idea!  When the quilts came back I packaged hers up in bright Christmas paper and tucked it under the Chrismas tree.  You should have seen her face!  She was so surprised and so very pleased!  Her quilt still needs binding, and once it's on, I'll show you Daughter's finished quilt.  

In the mean time, here's my quilt--Cream Puffs Galore! 
You might be wondering about the name.  My long arm quilter actually named it and I thought it was so cute & pretty darn perfect for this little confection. 

The Details:
Pattern: Penny Patch by Rachel of Stitched In Color
Fabrics: Lots of Fig Tree from various collections, and others from stash
Professionally Long Arm Quilted by Pat Boeck
Dimensions: 60 x 72
Started: 30 October 2013
Top Finished: 18 November 2013
Quilt Completed December 2014

Thursday, January 22, 2015

January 2015 Bee Blocks

My sweet little Flickr bee is up and running for our 2015 round!  It's nice to see all the bee girls back together again, plus we have some new friends for this round.  Coast to Coast Quilters is in it's second year, but I hosted 2 bees previously, and the core group of Coast to Coast Quilters have been stitching together since the very beginning.  Our Bee always takes December off, so for January we have two Queen Bees. 

We made these 9 patch variation blocks for Sally. Aren't they fun?  Fast, too!  Great way to use up all those scraps we are hoarding, right? (tutorial HERE) I made 6 units for Sally.  She asked us to leave them separate so she has more options for her final arrangement.

We made Chunky Churn Dash Blocks for Aimee, in two sizes, but both blocks will finish at 10 inches.

Aren't those 5 inch baby churn dash blocks the cutest things?  I'm really curious about her final layout.  She asked two of us to just sew the baby blocks in pairs instead of putting all four together in one block. 

Next month it's my turn & it's exciting!! Decided on my pattern just about a year ago, and have been collecting fabrics for nearly that long. The last couple weeks I've been busy slicing it up so it can go in the squishy envelopes.  I'll give you a peek once I get my sample blocks put togther. 

Happy Stitching!