Friday, January 20, 2017

2017 FAL Project: Geese are Flying in Formation.

So, these are lousy phone photos taken about 5:00 AM while it was still dark.  My good camera has died!  We sent it in for repairs since it was still under warranty and recently received the news that it is "beyond repair" .  Now we are waiting for the reimbursement check to arrive so I can get a new one.

Anyway, here's what I wanted to show you.
As I worked on those geese this layout is what I had planned.  Once it was up on the wall though I knew it was no good.  I don't like the way the geese with the red sky pieces look like little houses or arrows.

Next I tried gathering those red sky geese together. Although it is better, I sure don't like those geese flying downward, plus I still had a big stack of blocks to add.

Adding another red row came next.  Yes, I did like this better, but I was thinking I needed to fix this so the first red row went up and not down.  My FRIEND is another early bird and we were texting about my photos and she was sharing her opinions.  She gave me a suggestion I hadn't considered: Make both red rows going the same way.  

She was right!  This is it!  I was so caught up in the idea of having the rows alternate direction I don't think I would have tried this without her suggestion. 

Putting this together is going to take a while!  There's 162 individual geese on that design wall.  
Wish me patience, I am going to NEED it! LOL

Actually, the first thing I need to do is jab a pin in every single block because if THIS were to happen again I wouldn't be laughing this time! ; )

Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

2017 FAL Project Progress: Christmas Goose!

At this point I've lost track of how many of my happy sewing days have been spent on this flock of geese! The exciting moment has finally arrived-- the last goose has been sewn.  Woo Hoo!!  Happy happy happy dance time!

I've made some dumb cutting errors on this quilt and ended up grabbing a few more prints from the stash as well as buying a couple more pieces.  The aqua fabric was always part of this line, but I had opted to skip it initially.  The more I looked at all my piles of red and green though I felt like I needed a little pop of something else, so the aqua jumped in my shopping bag and I am so glad it did!

Here's 174 giant flying geese and 348 bonus HST's. These piles make me so happy! (As does my scrappy log cabin in the background!  Not done admiring it yet!!)

Here they are, all spread out on the cutting table ready to hit the design wall.

Yep, this arranging part may take quite a while!

Happy Geese, quilting friends!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I May Have a Scrap Problem: Searching for the End of It

Confessions Of A Fabric Addict

One of the problems with a scrap project sometimes is just trying to decide when to stop.

The scrappy log cabin blocks went up on the wall so I could get an idea of just what I had and what I still needed to make.  One reason I really like this furrows layout is that it looks great as a rectangle.  I could finish that top row and make another row and call it all good!  I was sure I'd found my answer.  Well, for a few hours. . .  Until I suddenly remembered my last log cabin quilt was arranged in this layout. (You can see it HERE)

Okay, time to rearrange those blocks!  I tried this layout with the white in the center as well, although I forgot to take a picture.  The black in the center was more appealing, so this is it, the final layout!  Well, it will be as soon as there are four more blocks. 

And magically, here they are!

Must be time to make a quilt top!!  It's been scrap heaven the last couple days!

How's that for some happy scraps?


This project is included on my 2017 FAL list.

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